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News, videooos and cheerios


Some news for yous :)

First up... In case you are concerned about forgetting what I look like while I'm in NZ, I've just put some videos up on Youtube from the Chapel Arts Centre gig. Massive thank you's to Andy Boyd for his filming excellence, and to Alan Maskell for inviting me to play - it was a lovely, lovely evening!!

Second up... Have another free download of a new demo from the next album :) I've just realised it's a bit of an anti-Valentines day number.... Ooops.

And finally, do you want to be on my next album?? And are you, or could you be a bit drunk?? Once I get back to the UK, I'm planning to get a choir (to use the term loosely) of slightly inebriated friends to come and sing on one of my songs... If you'd be up for it, I can pay you in mediocre wine, twiglets and fun. Or something. Anyway, it would be amazing to have any of you on board, so let me know if you'd be up for it in principle (won't be til the summer....) Oh, and if anyone knows of any good mixers/masterers (mine has disappeared to Norway), I would appreciate any recommendations!

Hope you're all fine and dandy.

Big loves xxx

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