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News and oooooohs

So, the new album is NEARLY DONE. Like, REALLY NEARLY DONE. And this makes me do a big smile and jump of joy.

I hope you are also smiling and doing jumps of joy.

I'm off to the Woodshed in Bristol to do the last bits of recording and mixing in September with the rather marvellous Ben Capp. And I have some musicians of EPIC proportions joining me. They are remaining a secret for now but they will make your ears go oooooooh. Like this.

You can also make your ears and mouth go oooooh, if you fancy. I'd love for some of my favourite people (you) to join me for the ending of one of my new songs, where I need a bit of a drunken choir (*no singing ability required). If you're available and in Bristol in September, SHOUT UP! I will feed you beer, and send you the 4 lines of singing you need beforehand. And I will tell the world of your excellence. And you will be on my album.


Big love xxx

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