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Open mic

So, I'm co-hosting the Blue Lagoon open mic every Tuesday for the next couple of months, with the rather vivacious Tom Scriven.

We're covering for the lovely Lindsay while she is off on her travels.

It's going to be amazing. There will be stickers and stick on tattoos and sticky toffee pudding.

We are also bringing name badges, not because our memories are failing, but because we would like to pretend we are at an important conference.

Come and play! Free pint for all performers and a guaranteed hug from one of the hosts (Tom).

I'm hoping this man will make an appearance too. We lost all the stickers once and found them on his face.

*UPDATE* The Blue Lagoon will be closed for refurbishments for a couple of weeks, so open mic will resume at the start of Feb. Nothing to do with our hosting skills. And we didn't trash the place either.

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