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Tour is over

What a month! Had such an amazing tour, thank you all so much for coming to see us play, buying CDs and saying very lovely things. Extra special thanks to Nicky, Kath & Jakk for being the best band I could ask for, and for making everything totally ace.

The last couple of gigs in Coventry and Bristol were so lush! I don't think I've ever enjoyed playing music more.

This is us playing in Coventry, and below are the very beautiful audience! Lovely.

Was such an ace night, apart from going the wrong way round a roundabout on the way home...

The last gig of the tour was at The Birdcage in Bristol, and that was probably my favourite. I love that venue, and all the people in it. We were supported by my amazing and super talented buddies Tom Scriven and Lindsay Bullamore, who totally smashed it.

Well, that's it! Massive thanks again for all your support, it means the world.

'Til next time.... x

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