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Make you feel my love

Yesterday I was booked to play some music at a hospice in Taunton. It is always a massive privilege to be invited into a hospice (and into some people's final days) - and is often a very emotional experience.

Anyway, after performing in the day centre, I sang in the corridors and performed for people (upon request) in their rooms. The most memorable moment was performing for a couple in one room - the husband was in a bed, and his wife was sat with him. They were such a lovely and appreciative couple, and they had asked to hear some music. I asked what kind of music they liked, and they both said artists from the 60s/70s, so I suggested a Bob Dylan song and a Beatles song. They were both in full agreement - but when I started the Dylan song, the lady burst into tears... after a little hesitation (she asked me to carry on), I made it through the song (with tears in my eyes for half of it!). It turned out to be ‘their song’, which I had picked totally at random. It was very emotional, but they were so incredibly happy to have heard it, and were holding hands and beaming at each other through teary eyes by the end. It was a very special moment, that I won’t forget for a long time.

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