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BBC Music Day & Dementia Resources

This is great....

The charity Playlist for Life has collaborated with the BBC on the Music Memories website.This website is designed to use music to help people with dementia reconnect with their most powerful memories. Music can help people with dementia to feel and live better, and memories from younger years can often be the most powerful, so loved ones and carers can create playlists using this service :) Research suggests that people living with dementia enjoy, on average, 30 seconds of music per week... Obviously I am a big advocate for live music, but this goes some way to bridge the gap!

There's more info here.

Also while I'm here, there is an article here about a new app (Memory Track) to help people with dementia connect songs and daily tasks - the aim is to help people to remain independent for longer, and be able to continue to connect with their environment once dementia progresses... Looks interesting, and I'll be continuing to follow their progress :)

Finally, the marvellous charity Alive have developed a free resource to help friends and families communicate with and support people living with dementia... More info and the conversation cards (as a download) are available here.

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