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St Margaret's Hospice

Yesterday I played at St Margaret's Hospice, which is always an honour.

After performing in the day centre, I sang in the corridors and performed for people (upon request) in their rooms. The patients, their families and the staff were very appreciative - music can have such a positive impact on wellbeing, and can change the atmosphere in places like this, where days can be very long.

One man in the day centre was asleep when I started playing and woke up halfway through – he said he actually thought he had died and gone to heaven! He was great fun and up for a spot of dancing by the end too.

One lady’s husband came to ask for music in their room. They loved it – and they were holding hands with teary eyes by the end. She didn’t have long left, and seemed quite distressed when I arrived but became calmer and engaged with the music while I was there.

Massive thanks to Live Music Now and the lovely team at St Margaret's for inviting me back :)

It was also lovely to meet Patrick, the hospice cat!

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