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"Music, amongst all the great arts, is the language which penetrates most deeply into the human spirit, reaching people through every barrier, disability, language and circumstance" (Yehudi Menuhin). 

I work with people of all ages in a diverse range of settings, in the field of inclusive music making.


I started working with Live Music Now as a musician in 2014, and found this to be some of the most rewarding, inspiring work I’ve ever done. This involved music sessions and residencies in care homes, hospitals, special schools, hospices, and community settings across the UK. I now work as a mentor for the charity, supporting new musicians – which is a total joy!


I also work as a Music Practitioner for Soundabout and The Amber Trust, facilitating music sessions for young people with SEND and their families, as well as school music sessions. Both are incredible charities, and I’m privileged to work with such amazing young people. 


I often perform alongside disabled and neurodiverse groups in performances and workshops for the Community Express. I also enjoy ad hoc work with Electric Umbrella, a charity and community of over 2000 learning disabled people. There are regular Cybersessions, singalongs, choirs, open mic nights, club nights, live shows and schools tours.

I have recently started working with Evolve Music on their Dads Rock programme, which has been great fun!


These charities offer a combination of online and in-person provision, since the start of the pandemic.


I also work directly with care homes, Trusts and schools to provide ad hoc workshops, performances, and programmes, and I teach piano. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.


Everyone is uniquely musical (Welch, 2001) and can achieve in, and experience great joy through music. In 2020, I completed the PGCert in Sounds of Intent (Music and Children with Special Needs), which underpins my practice in supporting musical and wider development. This is also helpful for supporting staff and families, and building confidence in music making. I also have a Masters in Songwriting, which often comes in handy!


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