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"Hoorah! We have a rebirth of Eva Cassidy on the scene! The incredible and talented British singer Sadie Fleming has won over the crowd with her beautiful voice once again. ('Til the end is) an album filled with fantastic music that you can’t help but mellow out to with each track. The album is deep, with lyrics that are meaningful and strongly convey her powerful, yet soft voice...."

New Reviews

"I’ve been eagerly awaiting the follow-up to Butterfly Wishes for some time! And wow, it was certainly worth the wait. A truly superb recording: beautiful music sung with such texture and emotion. On a warm spring morning, when the first light of dawn reveals the blanket of ethereal mist that hugs the earth, the birds gently sing in anticipation of a bright new day and tranquillity is all pervasive – that’s the feeling you get when listening to this recording. Peaceful, uplifting, sublime."

Sean Mulligan

"Absolutely beautiful"

James Hyden (DJ)

"Hailing from the United Kingdom, there is really only one word that can describe the music of Sadie Fleming. Beautiful. The way Fleming beautifully sings over piano and acoustic guitar will calm your body and mind to the point that her music will actually take over."


"Sadie Fleming as many of you know is a very talented singer songwriter. The songs [on 'Til the end'] are well crafted both lyrically and musically and have a haunting feel about them. Sadie’s voice has a rich velvety quality which many would kill for, think hints of Sophie Ellis Bexter. The songs are truly beautiful, elegant and tasteful, just right for some late night listening. I don’t have a favourite track they are all so good, but track five ‘Close the Door’ has a lovely hook. Listening to this CD is like going into a sweet shop and not knowing what to pick but relishing the experience, it is one of the best I have listened to recently."

Jelli Records

"Sadie Fleming, last night’s headliner, has to be one of the most promising artists around at the moment. She can sing proficiently, her piano playing is as good as Bradley Wiggins’ cycling but without the need for a helmet… and if you buy her CD for £5 you discover she’s an inspired producer, too. I would vomit with jealousy if I hadn’t enjoyed her performance so much… her wry humour helps to communicate her often emotionally complex, insightful songs. I particularly loved ‘Dressed to Kill’. She also did a Smiths cover, but nobody is perfect."

Eve Williams

"Possibly the best local album of the year"

Mark Venus Music

"According to Beatplay, there is only one word to describe Sadie’s music, and that’s ‘beautiful’. I suggest that after a listen to Sadie’s masterpiece ‘Til the End’ we could also go with ‘bittersweet’, ‘powerful’ and ‘evocative’ but ‘beautiful’ certainly nails it."

"One artist struck me in a way that she hadn't before. Sadie Fleming, a leading light and regular performer on the Bristol Acoustic scene performed a song which she introduced by saying it was about a friend who'd just been diagnosed with breast cancer. The words, music and tenderness of delivery were breathtaking, and by the end of her performance I was fighting back the tears, with little success. This was a true triumph of the songwriter's art, to deliver a message born from adversity, and make it at once both heartbreaking and upliftingly beautiful."

Howard Sinclair, The Delicious Company of Freaks (blog)

"Your song writing is excellent, the musicianship and arrangements on all the tracks is phenomenal, and you have the most likeable and delicious voice"

David Durrant, Under The Radar

"Composer and singer Sadie Fleming recently released her debut album entitled “Butterfly Wishes” in 2011. Now performing live at various venues in and around Bristol, including the famous Colston Hall, Sadie gives a haunting and enchanting performance of her unique set of memorable and lingering tracks. “Butterfly Wishes” consists of twelve songs about a variety of emotions and events all linked by the beautiful voice of this talented young lady. Recorded in Bath by Sadie but mixed with the aid of Dan Wakefield, Miss Fleming has already performed on BBC Radio Bristol and received a tremendous reception for her collection of charming compositions. [Sadie is appearing live on BSR at 7pm on 21st January 2012;] with listeners from all over the world this will give our audience the opportunity to enjoy an incandescent selection of music that sits somewhere between Regina Spektor and Alanis Morissette, but with a definite British accent."

Charles Brickley, Bradley Stoke Radio

"Sadie manages to produce music which her vocals compliment very well; gentle and powerful but neither overpowering the other. They form a nice harmony to allow you to relax, to forget about your problems and enjoy not having a worry in the world. Everything seems to fit together nicely, the love for music, the simple construction of the melody, the well selected instruments and the wonderful vocals from this talented young lady. The albums last song, ‘Swan Song’ is a fitting title. The melody, lyrics and feel of the song all come together as a heartfelt and emotional track. Something which makes you look back and remember the hurdles that you have overcome to be where you are now. I feel that we can expect more from Sadie in the future and it would be just as enjoyable as this album has been. I highly recommend that you pay her a visit."

Kevin Wilkins, New-Reviews

"An amazing voice that soothes the soul plus brilliant piano and guitar skills."

Listomania, Bath

"Sadie Fleming is a name that the folks of this area should be fairly familiar with as she has played quite a respectable amount of gigs in the southwest. This is her debut album, written and produced by the lady herself. ‘Butterfly Wishes’ is a collection of wonderfully chilled songs you can drift away to. Album opener ‘Deep Water’ (co-written with Iain Archer and Annie Middleton) is a perfect example of the peace you’ll find throughout ‘Butterfly Wishes’, whereas the contrasting ‘Arc is C#’ really sheds light on just how talented Sadie is on the piano you can almost imagine her fingers running over the piano in order to create this intense mood. Further on in the album ‘Dressed to Kill’ is presented to you. Now, I was expecting something a bit edgy about a night out on the town, however I was blessed with a haunting ethereal song; military drums and strings and an incredible vocal performance........

Live Music Scene

"Paint me a rainbow is one of my all time favourite songs by any artist anywhere. It's a magical symbiosis of textured vocals and thought provoking songwriting! Truly sublime."

Sean Mulligan


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