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Hello team! Happy new year - hope you all had a lovely festive break :) So, I have just 3 gigs left in the UK before I disappear to New Zealand in March… And it would be ACE to see some faces for ‘in a while, crocodile’ type gestures. * Bristol Acoustic Festival at St George's THIS SATURDAY (19th), playing with Lindsay, Bex & Cady in Jack's Got Jabs - I've wanted to play here since I moved to Bristol, so VERY excited (tickets available here) * Under the Stars, Bristol, Wednesday 23rd January (a boating spectacle) * Chapel Arts Centre, Bath, Sunday 27th January (supporting Johnny Coppin, Alan Maskell and a fantastic cause - The Children's Hospice South West. This will be a VERY special gig – tickets available here)

Keep an eye out for more demos from the ‘difficult second album’ in the next few weeks. For those who missed the last email (it was Christmas…!), here’s a free download of ‘Til the end’.

I’ll be back in the summer, so if I don’t see you before, Happy Easter, Mother's Day, Birthday etc.

Big love xxx

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