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WASF On Tour

We Are Sadie Fleming and we are having a wonderful tour :) Thank you so much to everyone who's come to see us play so far! You are all ace faces.

Here's what we've been up to...

Gwdihw in Cardiff was super lush, absolutely love that venue! And we got to catch Heal - a really incredible folk band, with the most luscious harmonies I've ever heard. You should definitely check them out... In fact, they're playing with us at Stagfest on the weekend, so you can.

The house concert in Sheffield was probably the loveliest gig I've ever done.... Amazing audience, amazing host, amazing food, and plenty of whiskey. The whiskey broke us a bit, and the car journey back to Bristol was.... challenging.

And we've just had a bumper 4 gig weekend.... Swindon on Friday was great, Alcester on Saturday was packed with a very lovely crowd, who did a lot of clapping and clicking and wooping, Worcester on Sunday was full of sunny smiley faces (and we were fed the most delicious lunch at Cafe Bliss), and last night we were back in Cardiff for a big'un at the Brewhouse.

We've also been popping into some local radio stations for chats and sings. There's some listen again type things below:

Swindon FM - 30th March (where we got to sit on Boyzone's chairs!)

BCFM - 31st March

Radio Cardiff - 7th April

Next up... Stagfest on Friday.


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